A voice from Palestine in Europe: Istanbouli Theater starts its 2013 European Tour

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين


August 3, 2013

A voice from Palestine in Europe:  Istanbouli Theater starts its 2013 European Tour in Spain and Portugal”All human beings have the right to Human Rights, without exception.

Dehumanization, thinking about other people in terms of stereotypes or numbers, might let you think that human beings that are different from us are not subject to the same rights that we have. My theater wants to humanize” the others”, to incarnate them, therefore I have always been interested in showing my work in different countries.”

Kassem Istanbouli, a Lebanese artist with a Palestinian origin, has an extensive theatrical production focused on giving voice to the stories of survivors, almost always in a black comedy mode, bringing a smile to our faces while the tragedy lies underneath. As an actor and theater director Istanbouli has performed the following works, shown in different countries: Picnic in the flede, (Fernando Arrabal) on…

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