Exciting News Toronto: Gaza’s award winning love story is coming your way. Tales of a City by the Sea Dec 6-15 GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

Tales of a City by the Sea is an award-winning play written by Samah Sabawi and directed by Rahaf Fasheh. It tells the story of two people who meet and fall in love in the besieged Gaza strip, woven together from the actual experiences of people living under occupation. Jomana, a Palestinian woman living in a Gaza refugee camp, falls in love with Rami, an American-born Palestinian doctor and activist who has just arrived on one of the first Free Gaza boats in 2008. Their love is met with a relentless string of challenges. Ultimately, Rami must decide between returning to his comfortable life in Texas and staying in Palestine with Jomana. Choosing to stay means leaving his family and career behind for a life ravaged by war, while leaving means not only losing Jomana but also ignoring the plight of the Palestinians.

By uniting poetry, comedy, and tragedy, the play explores the love between those who have choices, and those who do not. It begs the question of the importance of sustaining one’s heritage and identity. The playwright, Samah Sabawi, expresses how this hour-long journey is inspired by “the strength and defiance of ordinary people in Palestine, who despite the horrific war, siege, and brutality of the Israeli Occupation, still insist that life is worth living and love is worth celebrating.”  Samah Sabawi, the writer of the play, will also be giving a talk on November 28th in Toronto!

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The Cast
Saja Kilani (Jomana), Anas Hasan (Rami),  Liana Bdewi (Lama), Maher Sinno (Ali), Basel Daoud (Abu-Ahmad), May Tartoussy (Samira), Khira Weiting (Homeland Security Gaurd 1),  Kody Poisson (Homeland Security Gaurd 2), Naseem Reesha (Mohanad/ Ensemble),
Nawal Hamdan (Um Ahmad/ Nurse/ Crying Woman/ Ensemble) and Shireen Abu Khader and Natalie Fasheh (Singer).

The Creatives
Playwrite: Samah Sabawi
Director: Rahaf Fasheh
Set Design- Kayla Chaterji
Costume Design- Mira Salti
Lighting Design – Lidia Foote
Sound Design- Matt Lalonde
Props Manager- Daniel Austin-Boyde
Music Directors: Shireen Abu Khader, Natalie Fasheh
Graphic Design: Haya Fasheh
Stage Managers- Oriana Di Nucci, Ahlam Hassan
Production Manager: Yara Shoufani
Dramaturg: Rolla Bahsous
Assistant Director: Taranjot Bamrah
Assistant Set Design: Yara Salama, Jackie McCowan
Assistant Costume Design: Noor Kilani
Assistant Stage Managers- Christina Kozak, Dina Kawar
Volunteer Committee: Kathleen Tanel, Anne MacGregor-o’neill

Painting: Tina Dahdal
Song ‘Rahoo’ Composition- Aseel Tayeh

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