Audio Samah Sabawi Commemorating the Nakba – Exploring themes of exile in Palestinian poetry: a 3CR radio special Part 1

5 thoughts on “Audio Samah Sabawi Commemorating the Nakba – Exploring themes of exile in Palestinian poetry: a 3CR radio special Part 1

  1. totohanthala June 17, 2013 / 1:07 pm

    i strive with Palestine

    The greatest crime of our time is the injustice inflicted in Palestine
    to allow others to decide another’s fate without their input is a never-healing wound
    as ethnic cleansing was implemented a great iniquity began & thus Hanthala was born
    the holy land subjugated by military occupation ever since anyone can recall

    Immigrants here have partitioned what should have been a simple solution into an absurd complexity
    to brawl over ownership over what cannot be owned is an absurdity
    for the descendants of victims to victimize the innocent is an abomination
    to abuse antisemitism & the holocaust to justify atrocities & crimes against humanity is the epitome of perdition

    As walls are constructed you sow apartheid
    with segregation you seed injustice
    Inequality breeds indignation
    anger cultivates into violence & the cycle echos into the darkness

    One Person
    One Vote
    One Nation
    founded upon egalitarianism was/is/can be the only viable, tenable resolution…


  2. totohanthala June 17, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    Cracks expanding like silky threads of a spider’s web
    reaching spreading bonding more & more to wrinkle linking spokes everywhere
    cracks on the face of the apartheid wall deepening connecting bonding -dazzling

    Each fissure a breath of freedom every fracture a warm touch of hope healing despair
    a frozen lake of apathy, indifference & silent conformity relentlessly split by insatiable struggle
    ruptures popping & cascading from ripples of unfaltering struggle for social justice

    Lines of free will forming creating a canvas from abuses & usurpations for all to see
    listen to them crackle and pop as they sing their hope for emancipation & autonomy
    i heard them sing of a power within the prison of Bethlehem that could never be muffled nor muted

    Each burst of light illuminating insidious ethnic cleansing, occupation & military subjugation
    the 30 foot tall great grey prison walls are crumbling from the weight of their own oppression
    for on the other side i see free people strongly stepping out of the darkness lit in integrity

    Splinters like Courage to Refuse & B’tselem reaching into every dark corner
    Bab al-Shams,& True Torah Jews Against Zionism spreading their truth
    The Black Hands, Gaza Youth,EI, & CPT together with the same message; Let my people go

    So that one day i see the radiance even illuminating the Knesset
    for one day egalitarianism will fill this the darkest hole of the abyss
    from water to water no fence, no check point no more ethnic cleansing no more apartheid

    When all the cracks unite to splinter the wall of hate as it then falls crumbles into dust filling the grave
    on a warm summer day when all the soot settles from this great inevitable collapse
    as all the people; jew, muslin, christian & secular diverse yet united as it is meant to be


  3. totohanthala June 17, 2013 / 1:05 pm


    It sure takes alot of guts & sheer bravery
    to arrest children for throwing rocks at occupying soldiers hiding inside of tanks
    then to haul them away to a jail to be traumatized by sheer ‘legal’ terrorism
    until shaking in fear.bleeding, white with pain they sign confessions in a language they do not understand

    My my what tremendous courage it must take to point a tank’s barrel at a kid
    who is on the way to school who dared to stop to throw a stone at the big ugly beast
    What backbone & pluck one must possess to be armed to the teeth harassing women, children & unarmed men in their own country at a checkpoint deciding who can pass who cannot…& when

    What kind of gallantry does one need to bomb schools & hospitals
    using state of the art weaponry to destroy homes, farms & orchards
    as brave cowards slaughter civilians en-caged in an open air prison for voting the wrong way in a free election but voting for a democracy your captors disapprove of
    what absurd chutzpah this is to call this crime against humanity; self-defense or justified

    A dozen jeeps screech to a stop outside a home in the occupied ‘terror’tories
    fully armed soldiers race out shouting then break down the door of a families home at 3 am
    to photograph 13 year olds for future reference while mom & dad are forced to freeze by a gun shoved in the face outside in the chill of the night
    after the raid to salute such daring gallantry with smiles and salutes which took such pluck & grit

    But the truly brave the honestly courageous are those who don’t blink when faced with such overwhelming force
    real heroes are those who endure with unconquerable sumud day after day, year after year
    they stay with unpassable defiance and refuse to cede or yield
    as the Palestinian gets jeered harassed & marginalized by the court fed by zionist policies he smiles with a grace incomprehensible

    West Bank Palestinians resist under the yolk of foreign military occupation as they survive by endurance
    under the wire mesh overhang of the markets from the trash tossed from above
    to the Palestinian who stands up to the racism,abuse & mistreatment with a smile of fortitude & the calmness of valor

    i walked with your children on public dirt roads while red-eyed demonic pious immigrants waved guns screaming rabid hatred
    i was atop a teachers house in Hebron who showed us where the occupation soldier pissed in her watertank during the 2nd intifada
    i broke bread with a family whose lineage goes backs thousands of years and have a stone at the entrance to their farm with the word’s; ‘we refuse to be your enemy’

    i was born in a land called canada
    my ancestor blood flows Lakota blackfoot
    i eschew nationalism, patriotism and others vices of bigotry, elitism, xenophobia & exclusiveness
    but i shout with idealism & with solidarity i am Palestinian
    i accept that all bloods flow red and one…


  4. toto hanthala June 17, 2013 / 1:04 pm

    Jaffa; a clockwork orange

    I have a key to a home that has no door nor walls
    but i can still smell jaffa oranges sweet in the breeze down the hill
    over there stands a park where a village once stood
    so my grandmother told me one day, almost everyday

    Have you ever been to the sea
    i’ve never been there but my grandfather has
    it was warm and salty he says with moist eyes
    but for me the wet of the sea is not allowed

    Not too long ago we walked this land from water to water
    over the hills and down into the farms tending rows and rows of orchards
    some of the olive trees were thousands of years old
    before armored bulldozers came broke and razed them into piles of kindling

    Al Quds is a dream for all of us to see
    without roadblocks checkpoints and permits
    without smug smartass soldiers barking and pushing
    that day seems so far away

    What is ours we cannot build upon
    for illegal immigrants with an army tear it down
    yet they build what they want where they want
    with all the water filling their pools as our crops wither and die

    I walked with children in the southern Hebron hills
    on public dirt roads not bothering no one
    but then it rides roaring down from inside a fortress colony
    guns waving, curses launched from inside of beeping revving cars

    In the courts to be tried by foreigners in your land is surreal
    in a military court judged by bigotry what chance do you have
    someone somewhere somehow saw you throw a rock at a tank
    you must pay for scratching the paint

    Inside the stinking squalid cell in between your beatings
    the words of your grandparents echo in your heart
    you can almost smell the oranges on the limbs of Jaffa
    you can almost taste the salt of the sea….you endure as a freedom rider


    • gazaheart June 17, 2013 / 1:14 pm

      What a beautiful piece hanthala. Thanks for sharing it.


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