RIP Rabea

Sarah Irving writes a moving obituary sharing her personal memory of Palestinian actor Rabea Turkman ” Palestine always teaches one to seize the moment, because it really may never come around again. Rabea, you will be deeply, sorely missed.” RIP Rabea Turkman and may we have the strength to continue our “cultural intifada” until we attain our vision of freedom, justice and liberation.

Sarah Irving

A few hours ago the Freedom Theatre in Jenin put out this short statement:

The Freedom Theatre mourns the death of one of our graduated Acting School students, the brave resistance fighter who chose to replace the gun with the stage, Rabea Turkman. Under Juliano‘s guidance Rabea developed his talent as an actor and later as a stand-up comedian. Our thoughts go to Rabea’s loved ones at this difficult time. May you rest in peace Rabea, you will be greatly missed and you will always be part of The Freedom Theatre.


I had the privilege of meeting Rabea in Jenin in 2010. I first encountered him in the cafe behind Cinema Jenin in the city centre. He and one of his friends, also an actor from the Freedom Theatre acting school, were arguing over the respective merits of Brechtian and Stanislavskian theories of performance. Rabea’s argument was passionate…

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