Life behind Gaza,,,, A story from Anas

Ayman Qwaider

Life behind Gaza,,,,

Interview with Anas Qwaider – 13 years old about to leave Gaza –

anas quds

It’s been a dream to leave this open-air prison, the Gaza Strip. My name is Anas Qwaider, a 13-year old boy, born and raised in a refugee camp located in the middle of the Gaza Strip. Since I saw the light of my life, this little piece of land of 365km2 has experienced a cruel and continuous violence and regular military attacks in (2008-2009) and in 2012.  In Gaza, children are vulnerable to frequent forms of violence and tension.

In our schools, we receive education on human rights and democracy. This topic often creates a great deal of contradiction to me whenever we discuss it taking into consideration our extraordinary situation in Gaza. Basically, the nearly 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza are a young nation without rights. I have not had the opportunity…

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