Gaza film Condom Lead first Palestinian short to enter competition for Cannes Film Festival

A Palestinian film has for the first time made it into this year’s competition for the Cannes Film Festival.  The film Condom Lead is created by Identical Gaza twins Tarzan and Arab.  The pair are known for their creative and unique styles.

 “Condom Lead is a short, enigmatic parable about what it means to be human in a time of war. It is a story that could happen anywhere – anywhere there is, ever has been, or ever will be war; anywhere there is a man and a woman and a room. An intense, darkly comic study of what becomes of ordinary passions between a man and his wife in the long interstices of war’s heightened reality, Condom Lead is a story about sexual frustration on the edge of time’s knife and in the crosshairs of war’s guns, a dream of the hope for intimacy and love in a brutal, divisive world.”

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