Visitor Information Center - Bethlehem

“400 Years of Palestinian Creativity” is a selection of multiple art works from a private collection of George Michel Al Ama, currently exhibited in the newly opened building of Bank of Palestine in Bethlehem. The bank is situated on the Jerusalem – Hebron road, very close to the Intercontinental Hotel in Bethlehem.

Traditional Palestinian Dress

“This exhibition is an attempt to present a new perspective on Palestinian fine art.” writes George Michel Al Ama

BOP - Exhibition

The exhibition presents:

  • Some of the items dating as far to 17th century
  • Beautiful carvings in the mother of pearl and wood made not only as souvenirs but also gifts for kings and presidents.
  • Glass and ceramic art, e.g. Palestinian Armenian Pottery
  • One of the extinct arts of Palestine: Dead Sea stone carving.
  • Art of embroidery of Palestinian traditional costumes – the essential component of Palestinian identity and culture.
  • Fine Art in painting and more of distinctive artists like…

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