“So, while I am happy to have experienced and to write about all the vibrancy in Gaza, I can’t gloss over how all-pervasive the siege is, how it impacts almost every aspect of people’s lives. ”


(These are thoughts, some fully formed – many rambling, most disjointed. It is a bit all over the place, but it is what I have for now.)

Gaza has been on my mind, in my heart and in my plans for years- like all of Palestine. But I never could quite get there. My first time in Palestine coincided with the pull out of the settlers from Gaza so I couldn’t go. Since then I’ve tried to march there (Gaza Freedom March) and sail there, along the way meeting detention, sabotage, kidnapping and imprisonment. So this time was to be straightforward – permission secured from the Egyptian authorities….  After some wonderful days in Cairo wandering around, seeing the changes from being there during the Mubarak regime, when thousands of police and soldiers were deployed to stop a solidarity action with our Palestinian sisters and brothers in Gaza, chatting to, and…

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