Outrage in #Gaza: A View from #Australia?

Ayman Qwaider

Gaza children

The Israeli occupation military continues to subject nearly two millions people residing in Gaza – primarily refugees, women, children and old people – to unprecedented bombardments. Since early hours today, Israeli fighter aircraft (F-16s) and armed drones have been bombing residential homes across the Gaza Strip. It is now reported that the Israeli military has stopped warning civilian residents before destroying their homes, their only source of shelter and security.

Over 106 resident homes have been targeted within last 72 hours in Gaza. Israeli armed drones drop so-called “warning rockets” over homes, and ten minutes later a F-16 fighter jet completes the mission by destroying the home entirely. The Gaza Strip is densely populated area in which 1.5 million people reside within 140 square miles. Causalities are thus immediately reported when a rocket hits a civilian home. Invariably, the destruction is not limited to the houses targeted but also extends…

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